The experience gained in the decades of our business, the progressive knowledge of the sectors, a network of relationships and the role of partnerships established with our customers, have led La Rosa International to constitute a Trading Division with the objective of strengthening its presence in international markets in the interests of customers from different industries.

Operators careful and updated on the continuing evolution of economic systems, thanks to the experience, expertise and deep industry knowledge.

We are a partner able to manage the whole cycle of raw material supply to the final destination in the factories.

The capacity to answer promptly and efficiently to the specific needs of each customer represents the strength of our Energy and Export management business.

The products of our clients are among the most coveted and sought-after in the world for quality, choice of materials, manufacturing, for the study and the use of highly trained personnel.

We have gained experience in the field of export that allows us to eavesdrop on foreign markets buyers interested in the products provided by our clients.

We identify, effectively, efficiently and in a short time, business opportunities on the international network, analyzing individual markets and assessing trends and constant change, thanks to the study of the data of the international supply and demand.

Our goal is the encounter between supply and demand, which is a viable business opportunity for companies wishing to export their products abroad.

La Rosa International puts responsible growth at the center of its business to face the great energy and environmental challenges: meeting energy needs, ensuring the security of supply, fighting against climate change and maximizing the use of resources.

We offer innovative and effective solutions to public entities and businesses, taking advantage of a diversified portfolio of clients and a unique expertise in four key sectors: electricity, natural gas, renewable energy and energy efficiency services.

Our Energy Management activities is designed to optimizing the locations and market risks related to the activities of generating and sales, in order to ensure and maximize the profit margins of the business unit. acting as a broker we allow the purchase of gas and electricity at competitive prices on international markets.

The objective of our Energy Management team is to use its power as a leading operator in the knowledge of international markets, while maintaining the responsiveness and the “pulse of the market” typical of a local operator.