Our core business consists in trading commodities in general.

Today, our Company represents a safe and reliable reference in supplying raw materials.

Our business philosophy is addressed to meeting high quality products and providing attention to our clients’ requirements.


The experience accrued over years of intense commercial activity has given us a solid and qualified structure, which has a thorough knowledge of international markets.

By partnering leading companies, we are able to secure fulfillment of long-term contracts.

We are always seeking new sources of supply, in order to strengthen our market presence, in our continuous search of new perspectives.
Innovation is our strength. Risk protection stands as our commitment to clients.

Over the years, the increased complexity market rules, the global role of business, the liberalization of previously protected sectors, has made support of brokering activities necessary.
We offer favorable business opportunities for opening new markets by creating a bridge between Supplier and Buyer.

La Rosa International has developed this expertise in the field of raw materials, to promote a variety of opportunities in commercial transactions, working through ever-changing international markets.
La Rosa International is active in all areas, where raw materials are for global demand the need to have a competitive price, with guaranteed quality standards.

O U R   G L O B A L   C O O P E R A T I O N